Why Use a Mortgage Lender

Deciding between Cumming mortgage brokers or a bank, is a question most first time
homebuyers tend to ask each other. Here at Custom Mortgage Services Inc., we work with a
variety of different financial institutions to find the best deals for our clients. We are not
restricted on a specific type of service or rates. A bank, however, has more limitations. Banks
are more restricted on the products they supply, and generally have fixed rates. They cannot
shop around to find you better deals like a mortgage broker can.

A lender will also do all the hard work for you. We will take care of all the paperwork and
interactions between the financial institutions. We are experts in this field and will be able to
negotiate on your behalf to ensure you are getting the best rates on the market. Not many
people have the time of day to research multiple different lenders while also calling these
places to make an appointment. We will save you time out of your day so you can focus on your
other responsibilities.

As a broker, we are more readily available to speak with whenever necessary. A bank is limited
on specific hours that cannot be changed. If you work a nine to five job, it is hard to make an
appointment with a bank to discuss home loans. We have more flexible hours that better
accommodate your schedule.